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SKIN1004 Spot Cover Patch - 22 Sticks, 2 sizes


The SKIN1004 Tea-Trica Spot Cover Patch is an excellent SOS remedy for acne: it helps reduce ripening inflammation and heals the wound after pimple popping, protects against dirt and infection.

Thin colloidal patches do not cause irritation, are easy to attach and are almost invisible on the skin, they can be applied under makeup. The tool gently absorbs exudate from the wound cavity, which is formed if the inflammation bursts.

The two sizes 10 mm and 12 mm are great for large and small inflammations on the face and body.

How to use: Apply the patch to the problem area and gently press for 2-3 seconds. Remove when the content of the patch turns white or after 6-8 hours. Can be applied at night.

Ingredients: Hydrocolloid sheet 14