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The name Dr. Ceuracle is a mix of cosmeceutical and miracle, and through their own research centre in Korea they have created an innovative range of specialist topical treatments designed to treat the most common skin concerns, especially blemish-prone and sensitive skin types. They might have a new name, but they still rely on the same high quality ingredients to deliver effective results for all skin types.

With almost 20 years’ experience in skin care research and development under their belts, Dr. Ceuracle are still looking to expand their expertise. Although specialists in acne treatments, Dr. Ceuracle is set to broaden its range by introducing more anti-aging focused formulas, sun protection products and make-up to the line, making it even easier to build a complete routine from start to finish, whatever your complexion needs.

With topical solutions for everyone, this Korean skin care range is more than just a passing trend – these products will soon become a constant fixture in any existing routine.