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Eveline Vit-C Energy Cleansing Micellar Gel 200ml

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Thanks to the light, innovative formula with natural ingredients, Eveline Vit-C Energy Cleansing Micellar Gel perfectly removes any
impurities and even waterproof makeup. Intensively refreshes and gently hydrates the skin as well as evens out its tone, thus restoring its radiant appearance and healthy glow.

Three times the dose of antioxidants:
Fruit Extracts + Aloe vera + Micelles.

  • Orange - a rich source of vitamin C, has antioxidant properties, supports skin regeneration, accelerates the healing of acne lesions.
  • Mango - intensely tones the facial skin, deeply cleanses and effectively liberates pores.
  • Papaya - supports epidermal exfoliation, restores beautiful tone, soothes redness, brightens and brightens the skin.
  • Micelles - trap microscopic particles of dirt, effectively removing makeup and excess sebum, minimizing the need to wipe the skin with a cotton swab. It instantly restores the feeling of freshness and purity of the skin without affecting the physiological balance of the facial skin.
  • Aloe vera - immediately relieves the symptoms of irritation, hydrates and accelerates the regeneration processes of the epithelium.

Suggested for oily combination skin.


How to use

Apply the gel to moisturized facial skin. Gently massage in a circular motion, then rinse with lukewarm water. Use morning and evening.

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Eveline Vit-C Energy Cleansing Micellar Gel 200ml