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PETITFEE Agave Cooling Hydrogel Eye Patch 60pcs


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The patches perfectly eliminate puffiness under the eyes, remove dark circles and make the look fresher and more rested. Deep hydration will help keep skin youthful and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pouches.

Agave and blueberry extracts are a rich source of beneficial vitamins and minerals that heal and slow down the aging process of the skin. They help to retain moisture in the cells of the epidermis, strengthen the immune system and have high antioxidant activity.

Can be used to smooth the skin in the area of ​​nasolabial folds, between the eyebrows and neck.

Agave extract - has a disinfecting and antiseptic effect, accelerates the healing of inflammation and relieves itching.
Blueberry extract - has antioxidant, emollient and rejuvenating properties. Gently moisturizes the skin, reduces its sensitivity, nourishes and refreshes. Has a brightening effect, evens out the complexion.
Caffeine - the distinguishing feature of this component is the excellent drainage effect that many are familiar with. Caffeine tones the skin well, thereby tightening it and eliminating puffiness.
Spirulina - contains up to 70% complete protein, unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic), vitamins A, E, mineral salts and polysaccharides. Possesses active anti-aging properties, improves skin firmness and elasticity.