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J:ON Beauty Tools ECO-Sponge Charcoal


J:ON ECO-Sponge Charcoal is a gentle natural scrub for deep cleansing of all skin types at home. The fine-grained fibers of the medicinal plant konjac gently exfoliate dead skin cells of the epidermis, promote instant hydration of the skin, making it more elastic and supple.

The hypoallergenic sponge has a velvety porous texture. Regular use of the sponge 2-3 times a week stimulates blood flow to the skin, returning the face to a fresh, rested look. Can be used in combination with beauty cleansers or on its own as a natural peel.

Suitable for lip scrub: gently cleanses sensitive skin in this area without damaging it. After 3 months of using the konjac sponge, it is recommended to replace it with a new one, as it loses its healing properties and elasticity, becoming more rigid.

With regular use, it helps to reduce sebum secretion and remove black spots, has a rejuvenating effect.

Main active ingredients:

  • Charcoal: Perfectly pushes all the impurities out of the pores and leaves behind perfectly clean skin. Charcoal cares for any type of skin, but is especially recommended for oily and porous, it has been successfully used to solve acne problems.

How to use: Before use, moisten it with warm water and then gently massage the face with a sponge.

Ingredients: 100% konjak