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Haruen Oil Monster Matte Yellow

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The Haruen Mini is a product made with natural volcanic stone, developed to make morning makeup last.
Massaging the Haruen Mini onto your skin before applying makeup provides a matte finish and long-lasting effects for makeup.
Rolling the Haruen Mini on Skin after removing makeup with a foam cleanser will cleanse the skin while adding resilience and helping makeup to take hold.

How to Use
  • Afternoon- The afternoon is when oil begins to form on your face! It's okay to use on top of makeup~ Gently massage the ball on your face to thoroughly eliminate greasiness and leave your skin feeling soft and matte
  • Night- After removing makeup with cleansing cream, thoroughly remove oil on the face with the Haruen Mini for 5-10 minutes. Massage until skin feels soft and matte. After thorough facial cleansing, finish with a moisturizer or nutrient cream.

* After using Haruen Mini, make sure to remove any foundation left on the ball using a wet tissue. Roll the ball on top of wet tissue to remove.
* To keep the Haruen Mini usable for a longer time, roll the ball on a towel after cleansing with soap, then rinse under running water for 1-2minutes
* When cleansing the ball, please note that soaking in water for long periods or cleansing for over 30 minutes may cause damage to the ball
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Haruen Oil Monster Matte Yellow