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Haruen Mini Matte Black

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It will relax face muscle for better complexion. Using 100% natural mineral volcanic stone. Removal of excess facial oil and sebum, pore tightening, facial massage in one. Other feature of haruen oil mini are as follows.

  • Dirt in sebum pores, absorbed instantly
  • Repeatable cleaning
  • Easy to remove dirt on your face without sticking your hands
  • Sebum absorption while massaging face
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • It replaces the function of oil-absorbing facial tissues in the past, cleans the face oil without hands, and carries it easily.

How to use:

The afternoon is when oil begins to form on your face! It's okay to use on top of makeup~
Gently massage the ball on your face to thoroughly eliminate greasiness and leave your skin feeling soft and matte

After removing makeup with cleansing cream, thoroughly remove oil on the face with the Haruen Mini for 5-10 minutes.
Massage until skin feels soft and matte. After thorough facial cleansing, finish with a moisturizer or nutrient cream.

* After using Haruen Mini, make sure to remove any foundation left on the ball using a wet tissue. Roll the ball on top of wet tissue to remove.
* To keep the Haruen Mini usable for a longer time, roll the ball on a towel after cleansing with soap, then rinse under running water for 1-2minutes
* When cleansing the ball, please note that soaking in water for long periods or cleansing for over 30 minutes may cause damage to the ball.

Product Warning:

  1.  Excessive use on dry skin can lead to serve dryness. Thus, it is best to finish with a sufficient amount of moisturizer or nutrient cream.
  2. Refrain from use on sensitive skin
  3. Store this product in a dry area
  4. Although the product does not contain harmful substances, please be very careful children do not put the product in their mouth, as there are risks of swallowing
  5.  Roll as lightly as possible, as makeup may rub off it too much pressure is applied when rolling the ball.
  6. Please be careful not to drop the ball, as it may become damaged
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Haruen Mini Matte Black