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Fraijour Retin-Collagen 3D Core Cream 50 ml


Fraijour Retin-Collagen 3D Core Cream has a visible lifting effect, reduces the depth of wrinkles, tightens and tightens the skin, moisturizing and nourishing. The product acts at the cellular level thanks to liposomal asset transport technology.

The product increases elasticity, smoothes the microrelief and improves skin texture, gives natural radiance and outlines the oval of the face, stimulating the natural processes of renewal and neocollagenesis. The cream is well absorbed and does not cause irritation.

The pump tube format ensures hygienic application and prevents product oxidation: the pump is airtight.

One of the main assets of the cream are 8 types of low molecular weight collagen of the 4th generation, which stimulate regeneration and heal, maintain the integrity of the structure, increase tissue strength and intensively moisturize.

The combination of 9 peptides includes signal peptides and muscle relaxants - substances that relax facial muscles. This rich rejuvenating cocktail prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Retinal, a form of vitamin A, is responsible for fibroblast activation and active renewal. The retinal in the formula is enclosed in liposomes for greater stability and deeper penetration into the skin, as well as to eliminate irritation that can occur when using retinol. Retinal is the most effective over-the-counter retinoid available. Retinal acts directly on the protein receptors of cells, due to which it reduces the severity of wrinkles, smoothes skin texture, reduces enlarged pores and normalizes sebum production, and helps in the treatment of acne.

Additional active ingredients:

  • Shea butter nourishes, eliminates flaking and dryness, prevents premature aging and smoothes.
  • Ceramides strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier, prevent the evaporation of moisture, moisturize and are an excellent asset for dehydration.
  • Adenosine stimulates the production of procollagen-1, which is responsible for firmness, elasticity and the absence of wrinkles.
  • Sodium hyaluronate saturates cells with moisture, maintains smoothness and softens.

Suitable for all skin types.

How to use: Apply the cream on the skin of the face after washing, using tonic and serum. Recommended for day and evening care. Retinol causes photosensitivity: use a product with SPF 50 during the day. Retinol is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Attention! The volume of the product inside the tube corresponds to the declared. The product is packaged in state-of-the-art vacuum packaging to help maintain asset performance by eliminating exposure to air. In no case do not unscrew the dispenser, so as not to damage the vacuum packaging system. Before first use, press the dispenser 10-20 times to activate the system and remove the product.