A man applying Korean cosmetics cream onto his face

Unisex Beauty Picks: Korean Cosmetics for Men from Various Brands

Many people have the misconception that Korean cosmetics are only meant for women, and many shy away from the term "unisex".

Our skin is structurally and compositionally similar. The only differences are that men's skin is thicker and generally oilier and more problematic.
An interesting fact is that Korean men are among the most groomed in the world and statistically use 18-20 skincare products per month.

When we started studying Korean cosmetics, we were surprised to find that suppliers practically did not have skincare products specifically targeted at men. This was because in Korea, almost all cosmetics are unisex. Koreans believe that the most important thing is that the product is effective and carefully choose ingredients. Korean manufacturers invest heavily in product development and innovation to ensure that products work equally well for both women and men.

We've gathered five perfect unisex Korean brands in our opinion:

COXIR skincare products are made for different skin types. The appearance of the products is minimalist and trendy. The key active ingredients are immediately apparent from the product packaging.

Some By Mi is an award-winning brand that focuses on restoring the skin's natural health with non-irritating and moisturizing ingredients. The 30 Days Miracle Toner is the brand's best-selling product.

Pyunkang Yul is a cruelty-free brand launched by the renowned Korean Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic. This brand eliminates all unnecessary ingredients and believes instead that their products should contain only the fewest and safest ingredients to balance the skin.

iUnik is a minimalist skincare brand that focuses on using natural and effective ingredients.
HaruHaru offers honest and reliable skincare solutions for daily skin problems. Each product in the WONDER series contains at least 95% natural ingredients, including fermented black rice rich in antioxidants. WONDER's U.D.T patented technology allows this active anti-aging ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum results. All WONDER products are free from harmful chemicals, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.
This list covers only a small part of the brands that are truly suitable for both men and women.
If you're unsure about which product to choose for a man, feel free to contact us or visit our store, and we'll be happy to assist you!