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MedB Skin Oily Modeling Mask 250gr


– Распроданный

Skin Oily Modeling Mask Alginate mask for oily skin
Designed specifically for oily skin, it provides hydration and minimizes pores.
For oily and sensitive skin and helps to remove impurities from the skin

How to use:
Use a measuring cup. Put the powder and a cup of water in a bowl in a ratio of 1:0.8 (for 100 g of powder 80 ml of water), mix with vigorous and quick movements until smooth, using a spatula.
Apply a little oily cream to the eyebrows, cover the eye area with cotton pads moistened with tonic. Using the guides from the bottom up, using a spatula, apply the prepared mask with a layer of 3-5 mm on the previously cleansed skin of the entire face, leaving only the nostrils open. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes until it hardens. Pick up the edges of the rubber mask on the chin, remove it in one layer, directing the movement from the chin to the forehead.
* It is recommended to apply bioactive serums, creams or gels 2-3 minutes before applying the mask to the skin.
* Dispose of the mask only in the trash can