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Wellderma - G Plus Silver Peptide Ampoule 30ml


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WellDerma G Plus Silver Peptide Ampoule 30ml
Highly concentrated peptide ampoule is full of the silver ingredient excellent for skin care.
It keeps the skin clean and elastic like 20s from the skin.
Five-peptide complex penetrate into the skin's dermis layer to help improve elasticiy.
It is dual-funcrion ampoule that contains 'Niacinamid' which is a whitening raw material notified by Ministry of Food.
'Adenosune' which is a wrinkle-improving certified ingredient to make the skin clean and elastic.

How To Use

Please arrange your skin with toner after washing your face, take the suitable quantily out of the product.
Spread it on the whole face evenlt and dab ir gently so that it can be absorbed.


purified water, butylene glycol, micah, titanium dioxide, calcium alginate
Zelan sword, agarus oxide, niacinamide, propandiol
1,2-hexandiol, polyglycerine-3,carpetripeptide-1
Eschichi-Olgo-Peptide-9, Nicotineo-Tripeptide-1
lysine, histidine, alzin, aspartic acid, trionine, serine
glutamic acid,frolin,glycin,alanine,valin
Mechionin,isolucin,Lucin,Tirosin,Phenylalanine,Cysteine,Marcinium extract
fig extract, mulberry fruit extract, bank extract, sodium hyaluronate
fiji-60hydrogenated castor oil, adenosine, carbomer
Hydroxyethylcellulose, alginine, indian mural leaf extract
Indian mussel tree flower extract, hanryeon herb extract, holibasil leaf extract, Chamsan horse extract
Drumstick C-Oil, Dysodium Idiaye, Flavour