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Wellderma Face Dark Silver Roller


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Unique roller massager Wellderma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller is a reliable assistant in the home struggle for healthy and young skin. With regular use, this device tightens the oval of the face, makes the skin firm and elastic, effectively combats swelling, sagging, dull complexion, normalizes the functions of the sebaceous glands, blood flow, metabolic processes in the skin - it helps to get rid of existing and prevent the appearance of new inflammations, pigmentation, stagnant spots, acne scars. The massager does not stretch / dry out the skin; it can be used at any age to solve a whole range of cosmetic problems.

Specifications and benefits:

- made from safe hypoallergenic germanium

- has compact dimensions - 4.8x14.5x3.2 cm

- Y-shape

- 2 rotating heads (spheres)

- located at an angle of 75 degrees to the device body

- provide lymphatic drainage, massage effect

- waterproofness

- the device can be used to massage the face, décolleté, neck, inner thighs, in order to combat the double chin

One of the main advantages of Wellderma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller is to increase the efficiency of skin care cosmetics (moisturizers, anti-aging creams and serums). In addition, the massager relaxes the facial muscles, provides a contour lifting of the oval, noticeably reduces the visibility of stretch marks and scars. The Wellderma Face Lifting Dark Silver Roller device helps: even out skin tone / microrelief, smooth expression lines, make age wrinkles less noticeable, tighten the oval, improve turgor, increase elasticity, firmness, restore skin tone, remove existing rashes, prevent new acne, improve metabolic processes / blood flow in all layers of the skin, enhance the effect of care creams / serums (especially with anti-aging properties), give the face freshness, natural healthy glow, slow down skin aging.

How to use: can be used on dry skin, massage with hydrophilic oil / serum / cream. Move exclusively in the direction of the massage lines / lymph flow - from the center to the periphery and / or from the bottom up. The total duration of the procedure should not exceed 8-10 minutes. You can do massage courses (10 sessions every day) with a break of 2 weeks or 1-2 times every 7 days.