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THE SAEM Natural Condition Cleansing Oil Moisture 180ml


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Removing make-up is one of the most important procedures in facial skincare. Modern makeup products are able to penetrate deep into the skin. An ordinary milk for removing makeup, and even thorough washing are not able to completely remove the remains of these products. This is especially true for foundations and BB and CC creams. Only with the help of hydrophilic oil can you completely remove even the most persistent makeup and deeply cleanse the pores.

Natural Condition Hydrophilic Oil is ideal for removing the most persistent make-up and cleansing the skin. It copes with cosmetics based on fats, helps to deeply cleanse the pores, not only from makeup, but also from excess sebum. This reduces the appearance of oily sheen.

Despite such a deep cleaning of the skin, it absolutely does not injure or dry out, does not cause irritation.

Apply a small amount of oil to dry skin. Keep your fingers dry as well. After that, the skin of the face should be slightly moisturized with water and gently massage with oil. Then rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.