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Medi-Peel Tranex Mela x-cream 30ml


A miracle brightening spot cream to lighten dark spots and diminishing the appearance of sign of aging revealing a more radiant complexion. An overnight miracle worker for anyone with dark spots, acne scars or any sun spots.

This powerful brightening cream works while you sleep to resurface, brighten, and detoxify the skin. Alpha arbutin sweeps away dead skin cells more gently than harsh peels. Broussonetia extract prevents melanin pigment from depositing on the skin and suppresses the formation of spots and freckles, and acts as a bright and luminous skin tone. Dark spots and imperfections fade, the skin texture is refined, and pores are tightened. This cream is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

How to Use

At the last stage of skin care, Apply a suitable amount onto desired area or entire skin thinly and gently tap for absorption.