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It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis Effector Serum 30ml


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It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis Effector Serum 30ml is a nourishing and fortifying formula that perfectly fits the needs of dehydrated and rough skin. On one side, this serum has outstanding antioxidant benefits, helping not only to increase radiance but also the skin’s natural immunity. At the same time, serum provides powerful soothing benefits, helping to reduce redness and improve the appearance of scars and wounds. All of these benefits are possible thanks to the composition’s star ingredient – Green Propolis Extract. In fact, this component works, simultaneously, as an efficient anti-bacterial and antioxidant agent.

To complement this, the Propolis Effector Serum equally contains replenishing and hydrating properties in order to counteract any signs of dehydration or dryness. As it happens, this serum contains multiple nourishing agents, leaving the complexion supple and soft. Ingredients like Glycerine, Panthenol and Betaine increase levels of moisture unveiling a healthy glow and a dewy texture.

Main active ingredients:

  • Green Propolis Extract is an anti-bacterial agent that has antioxidant benefits. Furthermore, this ingredient proves to be efficient in soothing redness;
  • Glycerine is an intensive moisturizing ingredient that absorbs and retains water leaving, as result, a nourishing feeling;
  • Betaine naturally occurs in the skin. This hydrating ingredient helps the skin adapt to moisture fluctuations. In other words, Betaine balances skin hydration;
  • Panthenol promotes skin hydration and increases the penetration of other ingredients. It has, equally, a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Eclipta Prostrata Extract is commonly used in Korea thanks to its powerful antioxidant and skin-calming properties.