Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Peeling Gel 180ml


FARMSTAY's Collagen Water Full Moist line helps prevent skin dryness and avoid the problems of loss of elasticity, wrinkles and premature skin aging. Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Peeling Gel is designed for gentle exfoliation of dead epidermis particles, which leads to a thinning of the upper, stratum corneum, to smooth its surface and lighten pigmentation. The light massage effect of peeling improves blood microcirculation, which accelerates metabolic processes and skin renewal, increases its firmness and elasticity, and smoothes wrinkles. In addition, peeling prepares the skin for the deepest and most effective absorption of subsequent cosmetics. Collagen in the peeling has the ability to strengthen and tighten the skin, it is an excellent "drawer" of moisture. By attracting and retaining moisture, collagen has a moisturising effect, so that the skin softens, becomes more elastic, and smoothes. 5 extracts from white peach flowers, magnolia, camellia, freesia and plum enhance the moisturising and rejuvenating effect of the peeling. The extracts saturate the skin with vitamins, tone up, help even out skin tone and improve complexion, as well as have an antioxidant effect and prevent premature aging of the skin. How to use:

How to use: Apply to dry face cleansed of make-up, massage until “pellets” form, then rinse thoroughly with water. Volume: 180 ml