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Elizavecca MilkyPiggy Moisture Sparkle Cream 100ml

€13,95 €19,95

A cream that perfectly complements your daily skincare routine. It gives a feeling of comfort and provides maximum hydration, supplies cells with oxygen, strengthen them, and has a lifting effect.

Milky Piggy Moisture Sparkle Cream contains natural ingredients such as:
Niacinamide - gently lightens pigmentation, ideally evens out the tone, makes the skin more elastic, increases local immunity and protects from external influences, renews cells, prevents moisture loss, eliminates flaking, provides an antioxidant effect.
Diamond powder - gives the skin a glow, has a powerful anti-aging effect, and eliminates all visible signs of aging, as well as brightens age spots, tightens flabby areas.
Elizavecca cream will quickly transform your skin, make it firm and smooth, giving it a fresh and rested look. It improves metabolism and blood circulation, tightens the contours of the face and gives it a luxurious glow. The cream has a pleasant texture and delicate scent, spreads easily and has a beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to it, your skin will be perfectly smooth, nourished and hydrated.