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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Clean Up Enzyme Powder


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Foam for washing and peeling - 2-in-1 enzyme powder allows for deep but gentle cleansing of all skin types.

Volume: 90gr 

The product is a finely granular powder, which, upon contact with water, turns into a delicate airy foam. This foam thoroughly removes impurities, sebum, dead skin cells, as well as cosmetics from the skin, helps to cleanse blackheads, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, and prevents the appearance of oily sheen, improves complexion.

Skin cleansing occurs naturally, without aggressive mechanical action, due to natural plant enzymes. Papain - Papaya extract dissolves the keratin bonds between dead cells and promotes their exfoliation. Penetrating into pores, papaya enzymes dissolve sebaceous plugs and help get rid of blackheads. In addition, the extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the regeneration of new cells, improves blood microcirculation, as a result, the skin surface is leveled, pigmentation is lightened, and the complexion improves.

How to use: Pour some powder on a damp palm, moisten with water, and beat the foam. Apply it on the face with gentle circular motions, massage, then rinse with water. For deeper cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin cells, you can make a mask by mixing 3 g. powder with a little water and beat thoroughly. Apply the resulting foam to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes, after 5-10 minutes, rinse with water.