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Haruen Oil Monster Matte White


Relieve your skin from impurities and bring radiance with Haruen Oil Monster. Using 100% natural mineral volcanic stone. Removal of excess facial oil and sebum, pore tightening, facial massage in one. Small and fun to carry, this mini roller is perfect for on-the-go shine control. Can be used without disturbing your makeup or sunscreen.
Revitalizes your exhausted skin and restores its fullness.

Can be used around 150 times (typically it lasts a month with daily usage)

  1. Roll the ball before application of make-up in the morning. The make-up will last longer.
  2. Roll gently over cheeks when oil appears. The make-up will remain while the oil is removed.
  3. In the evening, remove makeup and use the ball as a massage tool to increase blood circulation and stimulate the skin.
  4.  After use, be sure to wipe it with a wet tissue. The product becomes cleaner and can be used for longer.
  5. Add a small amount of facial cleanser to a wet washcloth and roll the ball over repeatedly. Then rinse under running water. Rinse it once a week.