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A'pieu Madecassoside Mild Cleansing Foam 130ml


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Gentle and effective cleansing without dryness and irritation is exactly what sensitive and problem skin needs. Foam thoroughly removes impurities from the skin without damaging the lipid barrier, has a moisturizing and soothing effect.

The foam contains an extract of Asiatic Centella, as well as madecassoside, which is a biologically active compound extracted from Asiatic Centella. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, helps to cope not only with fresh skin rashes, but also chronic acne and even psoriasis.

Madecasosside is an effective anti-aging component, as it stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, and is also an antioxidant, thereby increasing skin elasticity and reducing the aggressive effects of free radicals.

Also, the foam contains other natural ingredients, thanks to which the skin is healed, redness and irritation are reduced, and the complexion improves.

How to use: 

Foam the product with a small amount of water, rub onto wet face with circular massaging movements, then rinse with water.

Volume: 130 ml