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Anskin Vitamin-C Modeling Mask, Refill


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Vitamin C is perhaps the most important element in helping to keep the skin young and fresh. It is not synthesized in our body, therefore there are two ways to fill the need for ascorbic acid: through food and caring agents.

In cosmetology, vitamin C belongs to the category of everyone's favorites. One of its main achievements is to activate the skin's ability to resist free radicals. In addition to this most important function, ascorbic acid in the mask performs a number of other equally important tasks:

-blocks inflammatory processes;
-increases the epidermal barrier;
-stimulates collagen production;
-strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
-lightens the existing age-related pigmentation and prevents its further appearance;
-protects against the negative effects of UV rays;
-gives a healthy color and shine;
-normalizes the pH level

Vitamin C enhances the action of alginic acid salts so that the skin instantly becomes hydrated, smooth and taut, age spots, freckles, acne scars noticeably fade, and with regular use disappear completely. Expression lines are smoothed out, the complexion is refreshed, it remains matte longer even without powder or foundation.

Volume: 240gr