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Anskin AC-Control Modeling Mask, Refill


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An incredibly effective alginate mask for problem skin prone to various imperfections. It is an excellent remedy for minimizing acne and any inflammation. At the same time, this mask stimulates skin regeneration, due to which inflammations heal in the shortest possible time. Hyaluronic acid and collagen restore firmness and elasticity of the skin, while purslane extract soothes the skin, increasing its protective functions.

How to use:

Thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Apply an active cosmetic product (it can be serum, essence, or emulsion), selected specifically based on the skin problems to be solved. Under the pressure of the mask, these products penetrate the skin better. After the applied product is absorbed, an alginate mask is applied.  

Apply a little oily cream to the eyebrows, cover the eye area with cotton pads moistened with toner.

Use a measuring cup. Pour powder and water into a bowl in a ratio (for 50 g of powder 30 ml of water), mix with quick movements until smooth. Using guiding movements from bottom to top, using a spatula, apply the prepared mask in a layer of 3-5 mm, leaving only the nostrils open.

Leave the mask for 20-25 minutes until it hardens.

Hook the edges of the frozen mask on the chin, remove it in one layer, directing the movement from the chin to the forehead. After removing the mask, an additional serum is applied to the face, and then an emulsion or cream based on your usual care.

Volume: 240gr