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Eveline Glicerine Hand and Nail Cream Bio Aloe + Karite Butter 100ml


Glycerine hand cream ensures intensive, long-lasting moisture and maximum skin smoothness. Makes even very damaged and dehydrated hands extremely soft and satin smooth.

ALOE EXTRACT – restores comfort to hands imposed to injurious action of externals.
KARITE BUTTER – deeply moisturizes and softens hands skin.
GLYCERINE – maintains proper level of moisture in deepest skin layers for up to 48h.
WHEAT-GERM OIL – levels dryness and roughness as well as prevents from skin chapping.
COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN – makes the skin elastic and prevents delicate hands skin from loss of firmness.
D-PANTHENOL AND ALLANTOIN – soothe and calm.
VITAMIN E – deeply nourishes and regenerates.